April Meeting - What you missed!

Following the paper airplane design networking activity, our speaker for the evening Ellie Braham related some of her own experiences with Vendor Management.

We all manage stakeholders for our projects, so why should our vendors be treated any differently. Managing that relationship even outside of an ongoing project can prevent future problems and make things easier for you the next time you have to work with them on a project.

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March Meeting - What you missed!

Everyone had an entertaining evening watching TEDTalks and an engaging networking activity building paper towel towers.

PM*BA World generously sponsored the evening and provided two BA Symposium passes for us to give away to those in attendance!

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Durham College Project Management Student Symposium

January Meeting - What you missed!

Geoff Crane shared with us a small selection of stories from his personal and professional life as he took us on a guided tour of what it means to be self-aware as a project manager and how having that knowledge can lead you to be a more effective team leader.

Sometimes we all need to take a step back and look at ourselves from a different perspective. If we do not, we can fall into the hole of believing too strongly in the stories that we tell others about ourselves and not the stories that the people around us can see.

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