Product Owner & Project Manager: Your Guide to a Dream Team 

The difference is simple: product owners deal with the what? and why? questions, while project managers deal with the how? and when?. The former concentrates on thinking about what to build, based on the capabilities of the team, which are the concern of the latter.

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Failure to identify stakeholders at the right time can make or break your project. #PMFundas @pmiagile

Meet the Board 2018 Event Highlights

We had an entertaining evening at the Meet the Board event which was held on January 18th at The Vault-Gastropub in Whitby. Attendees learnt more about the PMI Durham Highlands Chapter from members of our board and about what being a board member is all about. 

We have 3 board positions coming up for election in 2018!  If one of your new years resolutions is to give back to the community, learn and work with other Project Managers in our DHC membership, learn more: Board of Director's Nomination.