Risk was the big topic during this past November's monthly meeting and wanted to thank Ryan Smith (LinkedIn) for delivering a fun and educational evening that our members wanted to learn more about.  The evening was a great success and applaud the 80+ people who braved the elements to attend this event.  In sticking with the theme of Risk, now is the perfect time to deliver our chapter president's next message. 

The changing of the weather presents a multitude of risks, from dangerous driving conditions, slippery sidewalks and driveways, flu season, and of course many upcoming holiday parties.  Please take some time to STOP, and identify some of the risks as we go through our daily routines, and mitigate what we have control over.  A few suggestions to keep in mind over the next several months;
Drive according to the road conditions,
Change to winter tires on your vehicle,
Always have a safety kit in your vehicle for those unforeseen circumstances,
Top up your windshield washer fluid,
Protect yourself from the cold and bundle up,
If you are walking outside at night, be visible,
Wear proper footwear, and
If you plan on drinking or participating in other activities where you become impaired, please have alternative plans for getting home safely.
There are a number of things we can do to be safe and I encourage all of you to stop and reflect on your day to day routines as we can sometimes become complacent.  That is when risks become reality. 

 On behalf of the PMI Durham Highlands Board of Directors, be safe and enjoy the winter season.  We look forward to seeing you at our December monthly meeting to close out the 2018 year.

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