Project Management in Canada

I live just outside Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Project Management Institute is widely recognized here. There are 17 Non-profit PMI Chapters across the Country.

  • 2 Chapters in Alberta
  • 1 Chapter Nova Scotia
  • 1 Chapter Newfoundland & Labrador
  • 2 Chapters in BC
  • 1 Chapter in Manitoba
  • 2 Chapters in Saskatchewan
  • 2 Chapters in Quebec
  • 6 Chapters in Ontario

I live in the area which has the most Chapters.  That makes us a very fortunate group.  Project Managers for the most part are not competitive, we are collaborative. Living in Ontario with so many Chapters the Board of Directors from each Chapter have created a group that meets every quarter, called The Ontario Chapter Leaders.  We all take turns hosting the meeting.  We discuss different initiatives that each Chapter has underway and we share information and documentation.  This way we are not re-inventing the wheel.  They are always amazing, insightful meetings, with Leaders that check their ego at the door and are there for the sole purpose of bringing value for their members. 

We have accomplished one initiative, wherein we hired a high profile speaker that normally a Chapter would not be able to afford on its own.  We called it the Ontario Roadshow.  We jointly hired the speaker and split his travel expenses. The speaker started in the West, heading east and investing a week visiting each Chapter for an event over a 4 - 6 day period, depending on how many Chapters were participating.  It has been a very successful initiative and was a great deal of fun planning and implementing.

PMI, being a volunteer organization, sees all of the Chapters being initiated and run by dedicated individuals, who want to grow the profession.  Everyone is a volunteer, except for some of the larger Chapters that have enough revenue to have paid staff.  The Chapter I belong to is not mature enough to have that kind of assistance.  We have a volunteer Board of Directors and then Committee chairs that are running the programs.  It is a multi-tiered level of volunteers all providing whatever time or expertise they are able to give.  The Chapter is run essentially like a PMO providing guidance and templates for the various projects that each Chapter undertakes.  We provide education, networking, mentoring, PMP exam preparation, and special for this year is our first inaugural symposium. 

The Chapter is an excellent resource for individuals looking for project experience in order to write the PMP credential exam.  There are lots of volunteer opportunities and education to support you in earning your credential.  Once you have received your credential we provide educational sessions to assist you in learning and growing as a professional, as well as keeping up your required Professional Development Units (PDU's). 

The things I like best about being part of a Canadian PMI Chapter are the networking, growth, and the rewarding relationships and experiences. The bottom line is being a PMP in Ontario, Canada is a community based, collaborative movement of many skilled people who come together to provide growth and learning for one another. Leaders growing leaders. This provides a camaraderie as we understand one other, feel one another's pain and have people to share our experiences with.  I encourage you, if you have not already, please check out your local Chapter and find your community.

I wonder if the PMI Chapters are similar or different in their approach and vision in other countries?

This blog is part of the #PMFlashblog Round 2 2014, with a topic of “Project Management Around the World”.  Starting March 3, 2014 blogs will be released every Monday morning for 7 weeks, with each week representing one country.  It will be fascinating to see each bloggers ideas!

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