PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting 2018—North America.




PMI’s Leadership Institute Meeting (known as LIM) is an annual meeting that brings together hundreds of PMI’s global chapter leaders to network, inspire and support each other to further promote the local project management community. This year’s PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting 2018—North America was held in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

Joe Campa, our President and Mac Wilson, our VP of Finance attended the LIM and had a few things to say about their experience. The most interesting session that they attended was by PMI-Montreal chapter on their strategy on new members and potential members. They are doing a lot as far as connecting the right people for new membership value to become evident right from the beginning. Reaching out to new members and ensuring they feel that they are part of something right away and nurturing those members, so they see the value in staying with the chapter.

A few things they brought back that would benefit our chapter are:

  • Chapter policies and how we can enhance the policies within our chapter and also how to potentially increase and retain our members.
  • The PMI-Melbourne chapter is not much larger than PMI-DHC and has a mentorship program with over 400 participants. We’ll be in contact with them to learn more
  • A fellow named Jean from Montreal who has helped to boost attendance for PMI-Montreal events. They always talk about how beneficial that relationship has been for their chapter and we might want to consider doing the same.

The most inspiring experience that took place for Mac was finding out about the opportunity to be the Project Manager for the R3 conference in Ottawa, applying, and being selected for the role.

The Region 3 Summit is an annual multi-day gathering of chapter leaders from the North-Eastern chapters in North America that helps to bind nearby chapters and create a locally relevant transfer of information, ideas and best practices from chapter to chapter.

Discussions about the next R3 Summit then followed for the remainder of the conference. “That's obviously something I've very excited about and it came about because of my attendance at the LIM”-Mac