Chapter History

The Durham Highlands Chapter was founded in 1999 through the sponsorship of Dr. W.G.M. (Bud) Lush and a small group of interested Project Management practitioners in the Durham region. On February 11th 2002, we became a 'chartered' PMI chapter and in June 2013, we approved the latest version of our chapter bylaws (PDF)

Oct 2019
PMI Reimagines itself - Welcome to the Project Economy! New PMI Brand
Oct 2019
PMI Turns 50+ - 50th Anniversary Celebrations at PMI LIM 2019
Sept 2019
Chapter reaches 1000+ members
June 2019
New Bylaw passed - version 6
Jan. 2019
Dennis Abuan becomes chapter President
Sept 2018
Joe Campa becomes chapter President
June 2018
Chapter reaches 800+ members
July 2017
Chapter reaches 750 members
June 2017
Chapter Celebrates 15yr Anniversary at Ajax Convention Centre
June 2016
President Madeleine Sanders
June 2016
Chapter reaches 600 members
March 2015
Ranjini Cassup becomes chapter President
June 2013
Cheri Essner becomes chapter President
June 2013
Chapter approves new bylaws (PDF)
Feb 29, 2012
Chapter celebrates its 10th anniversary with over 550 members.
Sept. 25, 2011
Susan Carroll-Clark became chapter President
March 2008
Chapter reaches 500 members
October 11th, 2007
Sylvie Edwards became chapter President
Feb 20th, 2007
Chapter celebrates its 5th anniversary with approximately 460 members.
Nov. 6, 2004
Chapter introduces first PMP OverDrive - PMP preparation class
June 15, 2004
Gay Skinner became chapter President
Feb. 11, 2002
PMI Durham Highlands completes their charter requirements and becomes a 'chartered' PMI Chapter.
Nov. 22, 2001
PMI Durham Higlands Chapter completes the Ontario Incorporation requirements.
June 12, 2001
Intial chapter director elections held.  Bob Broadbent elected as President of the chapter and at that time had approximately 75 members.
June 21, 1999
Chapter Kick-off Event at Durham College Whitby Campus
May 24, 1999
Statement of Intent letter submitted to PMI
April 29th, 1999
Initial Chapter organizing meeting held with the coordination of Dr. W.G.M. (Bud) Lush and a small group of interested Project Management practitioners in the Durham region