President's Message
Ranjini Cassup



Change is hard.

2020 has forced us to look at things with an entirely new lens, we have been forced to adapt, we have been forced to think differently. Together, we have turned social norms on their heads, we have adapted to new ways of working, shopping, exercising and socializing. We have, unwittingly, embraced change and created new norms.

Change is inevitable.

As we embrace a new year at PMI-DHC with a new Board of Directors, we know that we will be faced with challenges. As a Board we will be forced to depend less on ‘the way things have been done in the past’ and look forward to the possibilities of how things can be done in the future.

We will need to embrace the spirit of our DHC Community in order to bring content and activities that are meaningful to you, while delivering the professional knowledge that is needed to grow and expand our mindsets as a professional body.

Our new ‘normal’ means embracing change, fearlessly with our arms wide open. We must adapt new ways to gather, communicate, network and learn. We must dare to be different, to try new things and be open to things not always going as planned (I like to call these Learning Opportunities).

As Project Managers we know that change is the only constant in our worlds. We are resilient. We are strong and we are in this together.

I am excited to be back as your Chapter President and lead this wonderful team over the coming year!

With a deep-rooted focus on our Mission, Vision and Values we will find new and exciting ways to engage our members, to bring valuable opportunities for continuous learning, to connect people and to share our experiences through unique networking opportunities.

I look forward to serving you, our members, over the coming term and look forward to a fresh new year ahead!

Change... is an opportunity. Let us embrace it together!