Earning PDUs

Certification renewal at PMI is your opportunity to learn the latest skills that will help you get ahead in your professional life, network with other professionals, as well as share your knowledge and volunteer.

Types of Professional Development (PDUs)

There are two types of professional development units (PDUs) that you can claim towards renewal — Education and Giving Back to the Profession. Under each of these categories are numerous options and, once you’ve satisfied certain educational requirements, the rest is up to you.

For more information on the types of professional development units (PDUs), please visit PMIs Ways to Earn PDUs webpage.

PMI-DHC Monthly Meeting - Manual PDU's Submission

Typically, within a few days of the meeting we will submit your claim for 1.5 PDU's on your behalf. If you are missed refer to the steps below to submit them yourself:

  1. Sign in to PMI.org
  2. Go to myPMI
  3. Click on "Report PDUs"
  4. Under Education, click on "Organization Meetings" and complete the details below:
  • Meeting or Conference Information
    • Organization/Host: PMI Durham Highlands Chapter
    • Title: Example - PMI-DHC October 2016 Monthly Meeting
    • Meeting Number: (Optional)
    • Description: (Optional)
    • Date Started:
    • Date Completed:
  • PDUs Claimed
    • For Chapter Meeting/Presentations 1.5 PDUs will be claimed under Leadership
  • Finally agree and submit your PDU claim.

PMI-DHC Event Volunteers

If you volunteer for the Monthly Meetings, a Special Project or other committee then you should keep a spreadsheet to track your hours and time spent. Typically, each June, the leaders coordinate with their volunteers to log the PDU's for the past year (1 PDU / hour). The process for this is:

  1. Present your spreadsheet to your project or committee leader.
  2. Get the Spreadsheet signed and/or obtain a certificate from the leader as evidence of your contribution.
  3. Log into PMI.org and record the PDU's: MyPMI > Report PDU's > Volunteer > [fill in the details]

Note: this process can be followed more frequently on an individual basis, as required.

If you volunteer for Mentoring, the orientation and quarterly checkpoint meeting events will have an activity posted and your PDU's will be logged on your behalf depending on your attendance.

Participation in the program as either a mentor or mentee will also allow you to gather additional PDUs for your monthly mentoring sessions per the 'Giving Back' rules above.